CD 1
1) Joe Salinas- People Talk
2) Corona- Rythm Of The Night
3) Haddaway- What´s Love
4) DJ Bobo- Somebody Dance Whit Me
5) Mc Star & The Real McCoy- Automatic Love
6) DR. Hollywood Project- More And More
7) 2 Brothers On The Floor- Dreams...
8) Netzwerk- Saving Me Angel
9) G.E.M- I Feel You Tonight
10) CO.RO feat. Taleesa- 4 Your Love
11) Big The Prince Of The Rap- The Colour Of My Dreams
12) DJ Miko- What´s Love
13) Mc Star & The Real McCoy- Run Away
14) Le Click- Tonight Is The Night
15) The Jockr´s Cawboy
16) DJ Bobo- Everybody
CD 2
1) Playahitty- The Summer Is Magic
2) Double You- Run To Me
3) La Bouche- Sweet Dreams
4) Masterboy- Land Of Dreaming
5) Ice Mc- Think About Away
6) TH Express- I´m Your Side
7) Tatjana- Santa Maria
8) Martine- Tough Girl
9) Scatman John- Scatmam
10) DJ Bobo- Love Is All Around
11) Netzweerk- Memories
12) Red Velvet- Into The Night
13) Shalima- Don´t Let Me Go
14) Luv Dup- Run To Me
15) Netzweerk- Passion
16) Sect- Follow You (Crazy For You)
17) Pascall D´Mann- I Need Your Love
CD 3
1) Alexia feat. Double You- Me And You
2) Dr. DJ Cerla- Everyboddy Pom Pom
3) Wighfield- Sexy Eyes
4) Just Luiz- American Pie
5) DJ Tururu- Countdown
6) Mr. President- Coco Jambo
7) E-Rotic- Help Me Dr. Dicky
8) Delegation- Wanna Be The Winner
9) Serena- Ridin´High
10) French Jr.- I Feel So Good
11) Nicky French- Did Your Ever Really In Love Me
12) A.D.A.M. feat. Amy- Zombie
13) El Símbolo- No te Preocupes
14) Texture- Over The Night
15) New System- Let Me Take
16) Unlimet Nation- Move Your Body
17) Alexia- Summer Is Crazy
18) Paulina Rubio- Te Daria Mi Vida
19) Los Del Rio- Macarena
CD 4
1) Outta Control- Togheter In Electric Dreams
2) Robin- Juliet
3) Undercover- Every Breath You Take
4) Bandido- I´ll Drove All Night
5) Ken Laszlo- Whatever Love
6) Ally & Jo- Nasty Girl
7) DC Project- You Came
8) Live 2 Love- La Cosa Mas Bela
9) Conexão Midi- Realidad
10) Alexia- Uh La La La
11) Any Second- Wanna Be With You
12) Chou Project- A Love Like This
13) Dama- Singing
14) T-Zone- Body Rock
15) Le Click- Call Me
16) Outta Control- Sinful Wishes
17) Clueless- Don´t Speak
18) Ricco Robit feat. Anny- I Don´t Let You Go
CD 5
1) Faithless- Insomia
2) Gala- Come Into My Life
3) Sash- Ecuador
4) Aqua- Barbie Girl
5) Vengaboys- We Like To Party
6) Ken Laszlo- Summer Nights
7) Live 2 Love- Time To say Goodbye
8) General Basa- On And On
9) Candle- Candle In The Wind
10) Houzeboys- That Thing You Do
11) DJ Mollela- It´s A Real World
12) Chou Project- Jungle In My Heart
13) Rochele- How Do I Live
14) Ken Laszlo- Vídeo Killed The Radio Star
15) Vengaboys- Boom Boom Boom Boom
16) Aqua- My Oh My
17) Simone Jay- Midnight
CD 6
1) Vengaboys- Sha La La La
2) Alexia- Gimme Love
3) Gigi D´Agostino- I´ll Fly With You
4) No Smoking- Tubthuping
5) Red Garden- High
6) Alice DJ- Better Of Alone
7) Fresh System- Down Under
8) Papaya- Hero
9) Q- The More I Need
10) Vengaboys- Up & Down
11) Wighfield- Gimme Gimme
12) Fragma- Tocas Miracle
13) Aqua- Around The World
14) A Tenns- Mamma Mia
15) JS 16- Stomp To My Beat
16) Baloon- Pussylover
17) MP3- The Rave
18) Robert Milles- Children

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